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On The Issues

“Tomorrow is today. We are confronted with the fierce urgency of now. In this unfolding conundrum of life and history, there is such a thing as being too late. This is no time for apathy or complacency. This is a time for vigorous and positive action.”

-Martin Luther King Jr

Working Class Agenda

Pro Union

I firmly support organized labor and aim to transition Texas into a more union-friendly state. I will not only advocate for labor rights but also actively support and stand alongside organizers on picket lines in solidarity.

Living wage

In our current era, many individuals struggle to make ends meet, often facing the difficult choice between buying food or paying rent. As a state legislator, I am committed to advocating for a living wage that reflects the cost of living in different areas of the state. It's important to consider that larger cities may require a higher wage compared to smaller cities to support residents adequately.


Our teachers deserve higher pay without a doubt. They are shaping the future generation. They should be able to support themselves on one salary and not have to take on additional jobs.

Green Energy/Jobs

It is crucial that we take action to decrease our carbon footprint to secure a sustainable future for future generations. We can no longer ignore the reality of climate change, especially with the increasing temperatures causing visible harm. This matter holds great significance to me personally. how do we get there?

More Wind Turbines

More Solar Power

I support the Green New Deal Resolution to be passed on the National Level. Linked here is the resolution

High-Speed Rails

Read more in Transportation


we must ensure the jobs that are created with this technology are protected and the workers have a voice.

Texas Green New Deal

We need to ensure that NO ONE is left behind in our state.

Public Transportation

We need a Transportation system that makes it more accessible for all Texans to travel.


Rural areas are struggling in these food deserts and limited access to Healthcare. We should also want to have our communities be more connected.

High Speed Railway:

Texas should be a High speed railway system across the state to connect our communities together.

-These jobs to build this system of railways should be unionized, well paid, and done sustainably.

Benefits here!

California is already working on one! Link here.

High speed train

Decriminalizing Cannabis

I am dedicated to addressing the decriminalization of marijuana in Texas. It is my belief that Texas should embrace a forward-thinking and practical stance on marijuana laws, emphasizing regulation, taxation, and rehabilitation over criminalization. Through decriminalization, we can establish a more equitable and impartial system.

Thank you to everyone who worked to get Freedom Act passed. I know we did not get the outcome we wanted.

The work is not done.



I am running to champion enhanced representation and inclusivity for members of the disabled community in Texas.

It is vital to acknowledge the historical neglect of individuals with disabilities and strive to put an end to this pattern.

My focus is on amplifying these voices by engaging with and listening to community members to ensure their perspectives are valued.

I aim to facilitate conversations rather than take the lead.


Every individual has the right to make decisions regarding their body, which includes the freedom to decide on continuing a pregnancy or not. Access to safe and lawful reproductive healthcare is essential for women's independence and health. I endorse the right of every person to determine their reproductive decisions without any external pressure. It is vital to advocate for regulations and legislations that safeguard and enhance these rights, guaranteeing that women can freely make choices that align with their well-being and aspirations.


As a member of the community I support the basic right of individuals to love freely and express themselves without facing discrimination or bias. Every person should have equal legal protection, rights, and opportunities, no matter their sexual orientation or gender identity. I stand in solidarity with my LGBTQIA+ community in our quest for fairness and dignity, and I am dedicated to championing policies that foster inclusivity, acceptance, and fairness for all. It is crucial that we persist in our efforts to build a society that is fair and just, allowing everyone to live openly, genuinely, and without the fear of discrimination in a time where they are being debated and stripped from us.

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Public Housing

Tenant Rights

We need more Tenant Unions, collective bargaining proves to be affective.

What is a Tenant Union?

Inevest in Public Housing

As Texas faces historically high home prices and rents we need to invest in our communities and fight this issue head on. We need to build Public Housing that is affordable and livable.

Where it works

Rent Control

Currently, in Texas, rent control is permitted solely if a city's governing body identifies a housing crisis resulting from a disaster. Even in such cases, the governor must approve the implementation of such a policy. It is crucial to address this issue as people are facing challenges due to greed, and it is essential to safeguard our community members from homelessness or the dilemma of deciding between paying rent or buying food.




As candidate for the Texas House, I am committed to advocating for electoral reform that empowers voters and strengthens our democracy. Rank choice voting is a crucial step in that direction. By allowing voters to rank candidates in order of preference, rank choice voting ensures that the candidate with the broadest level of support ultimately wins, promoting a more inclusive and representative democracy.

Free Palestine!

I stand in solidarity with the people of Palestine’s struggle. I condemn the genocide that is taking place. I call for an immediate and permanent ceasefire NOW!

Flag of Palestine